For the past 8 years I have been teaching jazz guitar, improvisation and theory in various studios in and around Vancouver, as well as my home. (Which are kind of all the same thing if you ask me!) In 2014 I joined the faculty at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music (VSOSOM), and since then have discovered a tremendous love of teaching! I sometimes say I enjoy teaching more than performing...

My lessons focus on developing fundamental musical skills.  I tend to prioritize areas of the guitar such as voice-leading triads and 7th chords through cycles, building melodies and bass lines using chord tones, and focusing on developing knowledge of the fingerboard.  We'll discuss jazz rhythms, repertoire and improvisational concepts from a practical point of view.  This means that everything discussed theoretically will immediately be integrated into real songs. 

Of course, aside from my own lesson plans I am thrilled when students have lots of questions and their own curiosity about how this music works.

I'm currently teaching out of my home and at the VSOSOM.